Emerge BPO assists companies in the financial services sector use customer service as a function to improve customer retention, maximize revenues per customer and grow the customer base. As the touch point between company and customer, Emerge BPO provides exceptional service to your most treasured customers. Through our multi-channel programs, we deliver personalized service across all forms of interaction, including voice, email and chat.

Customized Solutions

Our customized solutions for the financial services sector include customer care, back office, technical support and sales. We offer the only solution of its kind to financial services companies looking to improve service levels to customers, grow revenues and reduce cost. We accomplish this through:

  • Delivery of a specially trained, 100% natively English-speaking workforce, with natural Western culturalization and strong ties to The US, Canada and The UK
  • Unrivaled strategies to help companies use service as a competitive advantage to capture, retain and grow the customer base
  • Near-Shore presence in a location with close proximity to the US (5-hour flight from New York), which enhances program management and provides additional diversity to existing outsourcing programs
  • Strong domain experience managing complex contact center programs for Fortune 200 companies

Further, our unmatched and consistently low cost advantage allows our clients to reduce their overall opex while improving service levels to their customers.

Consistent Measurable Quality

The decision to outsource customer management should not reduce the quality or significance of this function to your business. The contact center has become as critical as the local branch to conduct business and is growing beyond traditional brick and mortar. Customers rely on the expertise of the contact center to fulfill their most challenging requests. For customers of financial services companies, we understand the sensitivity of the interactions and provide specialized training to our agents to ensure your customers receive solutions to their most stressful issues. We emphasize the importance of maintaining excellence in every interaction and focus our programs on delivering a consistent quality experience to your customers.

The Importance of Location

Fundamental to any outsourced customer service program is the language competency of the agents interacting with your customers. Emerge BPO’s English language competency is the highest in the market, featuring 100% natively English-speaking agents with strong Western culturalization and close ties to The US, Canada and The UK. As a result, your customers receive a more natural conversation, higher English competency and increased satisfaction levels.

Our near-shore presence (A 5-hour flight from New York) provides a superior location to many of the major offshore markets. Emerge BPO’s clients in North America benefit by being in close proximity to their outsourced programs, allowing for easier on-site training, deployment and management of the programs. This location also benefits our clients by allowing them to add diversity to their existing offshore programs in Asia and other major offshore markets.

Focused Technology

Emerge BPO’s adaptive technology allows your customers to reach the right agent the first time. We focus on first-call resolution using skills-based routing and through interleaving multiple communication channels to ensure that your customers receive a consistent quality experience. We can identify high-value customers and route them to the appropriate agents who specialize in cross and up selling, giving you resources dedicated to increasing customer spend, without additional sales costs. These technologies also allow our customers to achieve higher efficiencies in their programs, ultimately resulting in lower operating costs.